Processo Mecsan


MEC SAN srl has a qualified and state-of-the-art technical department that can meet any of its clients’ needs. It uses special tools, such as advanced PLM software connected to SAP, SolidWorks, Lantek, and Cimatron, which directly interface with our production sites. This allows MEC SAN’s technical department to internally run a detailed system that gathers information on the times and costs of its orders.


MEC SAN’s design department uses SolidWorks as a tool for handling every type of 3D format; it is able to come up with optimised and perfectly functioning solutions to satisfy all of the requirements put forward to us by our clients. MEC SAN is able to accept, modify, and hand back designs provided by its clients that have also been designed using Pro/ENGINEER software.


In order to create a partnership with its clients, where both parties are continually involved in the design process, MEC SAN works on and manages all of the features and developmental stages of its projects. It works hard to respect their specific constraints in terms of times, costs, resources, uses, and quality.


In order to be able to adhere to the requirements of its clients, MEC SAN provides support for all projects right from the very beginning. It proposes alternative solutions and equipment during the quotation and design stages in order to bring down costs.


MEC SAN srl uses the most advanced technologies on the market to provide their prototyping services. Our expertise and ten years of experience allow us to offer a professional and personalised service, which is geared towards the specific needs of our clients. We create both simple prototypes and complex and integrated assemblies that include dimensional reports, trials, and functionality tests. We carry out all kinds of tests, such as corrosion, vibration, shock, EMI, and interference testings.


Quality is an important tool used internally by the management at MEC SAN to add value to the core activities of the company. It also drives us to develop a strategy to prevent problems from arising, and to share with our colleagues our intention to take great care of our clients’ needs.


The Customer Service department at MEC SAN helps to make communication between the company and its clients easier. It aims to resolve any potential critical issues and to guarantee that our clients are fully satisfied. Clients’ orders are monitored at all stages: from the moment we receive them, to when they are confirmed, during their follow-up, right up until the final stages of shipping and invoicing. We can manage projects either by using standard procedures or by following specific formats and working at sites chosen by the clients themselves. In order to offer an increasingly customised service that is able to adhere to the tightest of lead times, over the years, MEC SAN has developed an increasingly cutting-edge delivery management framework. It has acquired experience in managing simple forecasts including delivery orders, as well as the more complex management of VMIs and consignment stocks.